There is a compactor room located on each floor of the building. Garbage is to be placed in a plastic bag small enough to fit into the compactor chute, tie the bag tightly and place it into the compactor chute. All recyclable items should be placed into the appropriate bins provided. Large items are not to be placed into the compactor room. Please contact the Property Management Office for disposal instructions.


Please be aware that you are required by the City of Jersey City to recycle.


Garbage Chute Room Procedures



These procedures help maintain sanitary conditions and the safety of our employees and prevent damage to the compactor equipment.


1.     DISPOSE OF YOUR GARBAGE DAILY.  It is strongly recommended that you dispose of garbage daily in order to avoid a pest problem. 

2.      HOUSEHOLD TRASH GOES DOWN THE CHUTE  BAGGED AND TIED. HOUSEHOLD TRASH ONLY! NOTHING ELSE! – Open the black door, place the bag on the hopper then close it.  Please ensure that the bag is not jammed in the hopper.  If jammed try opening and closing a few times it should fall loose.   If the bag is too big bring it to the basement. Use smaller bags to avoid problems

3.      NO GLASS DOWN THE CHUTE. – The porter may get cut by the broken shards.

4.      NO LARGE CARDBOARD BOXES DOWN THE CHUTE – This jams the compactor and garbage backs up to the lower floors.  Cardboard should be collapsed and placed in the designated area in the chute room.  Larger or many boxes should be brought to the basement. 

5.      NO BOOKS OR MAGAZINES DOWN THE CHUTE – These also jam the compactor.  Place these on the shelves or bring them to the basement.

6.      DO NOT PLACE TRASH OR ITEMS WITH FOOD DEBRIS IN THE BINS OR ON THE SHELVES – Trash bags go down the chute, not in the trash can or in the room.  Pizza boxes other items with food remnants go down the chute, if left in the room these will attract pests.  If the bag is too big bring it to the basement.  Use smaller bags to avoid problems.

7.      ONLY CLEAN RECYCLABLES SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE CHUTE ROOM NOTHING ELSE! Boxes go in the area designated, magazines and newspapers go on the shelf and glass and plastic bottles go in the recycle bin – NOT THE CHUTE!

8.      DO NOT LEAVE LARGE BULKY OR ODD ITEMS IN THE CHUTE ROOM – These items should be brought to the basement.   If you have any questions on disposal contact the management office at 201-798-3330 or 201-430-7617.

Thank you for observing these rules and please keep in mind that violation of these rules may result in penalties against the offending unit.