Before you begin work

·        Provide the office with a copy of signed contract for Work to be performed.  The contract must include a detailed description of the work.

·        Provide the Management office with your New Jersey Contractor’s registration Number. As well as:

o   Plumbers License if any plumbing work will be performed

o   Electricians License if any Electrical work will be performed.

·        Provide the Management office with a copy of your Liability insurance for the Company. $1,000,000 minimum policy and a $250 deposit must also be left with the management office for the duration of the work.  This deposit will be charged for violation of any of the reules in this list.

·        Any permits as may be required by the city.  The contractor must make the call on determining if this will be required.

Checking in on the first day

·        When you come to the property for the first time you must sign a copy of the contractor rules and register all of your workmen with the management office.

·        A $250 cash deposit must be provided to the management office.  If any member of your crew violates any contracting rules or leaves trash or debris behind on the property your deposit will be charged and you will not be able to resume work until the deposit is replenished.

·        Each workmen will be given an id which they must wear at all times while in the common areas of the property.

·        Parking on the property is limited.  If spots are available on site you may rent a spot for $5 per day.

·        The loading Zone is to be used only for loading and unloading.  Vehicles parked longer than needed for this purpose may result in a charge against your deposit or towing of the vehicle. 

Working in the unit

·        All work must be done between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.  All contractors must be out of the building by 5 PM.  We will charge your deposit if you are not out.

·        The management office must be notified if you will be creating excessive noise such as wall demolition or hammer drilling.

·        All construction debris must be removed from the property by the contractor.

·        All common hallways, elevators and loading zone must be kept clean at all times.  If building staff cleans up after your crew we will charge your deposit.

·        Do not dump glue or cement down the drains.

·        The walls in most parts of the apartments are plaster and wire lath, not sheetrock.

·        Metal studs are to be used for framing no wood.

·        Green board or cement board must be used in bathrooms.

·        If you remove the medicine cabinet you must leave access to the pipes behind the wall for the maintenance crew.  This can be achieved by either installing another recessed medicine cabinet or installing an access panel behind the surface mount cabinet.  Mirrors are not to be glued to the wall in place of a recessed cabinet.


·        When performing plumbing work plan ahead.  Check the shut off valves in the unit to ensure they work.  If you need the tier valve shut off we will need 3 days’ notice.

·        All pressurized lines must be copper.   No plastic lines are to be installed in the building for supply water.

·        Do not stuff bags or other bulky items in the toilet flange.  We often find these items inside of the drain lines after construction causing a clog.  Use tape cover the flange to stop the sewer gasses.

·        If you will be leaving a sink out for any period put a cap on the nipple.  If the line clogs the water from the neighboring unit will back up into the apartment.

·        All gas line installations must be inspected by the super.

·        All water line installations behind the wall must be inspected by the super before the wall is closed.


When refinishing floors the following procedure must be used.  If you do not follow this procedure we will enter the apartment and do it, we assume no liability for damage to the floor finish if we are required to enter the apartment.

·        While working in the unit a Damp rag must be placed outside of the apartment.  The crew must wipe their feet on the rag to prevent foot prints in the hallway.

·        Painters tape must be used on the entire apartment door perimeter so no air or dust can escape.

·        Plastic must be installed over the ventilation shafts in the bathroom and kitchen.

·        The windows in the unit must be cracked at the top and bottom to allow air circulation.

·        An exhaust fan must be placed in the window.  You may rent a fan from the maintenance staff for $10 per day.


·        No partition walls may be constructed in any unit.

·        No Clothes washers may be installed in any unit.

·        No work is to be done on terraces without management approval

·        Terrace door colors must be approved by management.

All contractors are expected to use generally accepted methods of construction.  Management reserves the right to restrict access to the property and stop any work that we feel are damaging to the quality of life in the building, the common elements or a danger to residents.  By signing below you agree to all above terms and conditions.